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Packaging & Supply

We are at your disposal to facilitate the management of your shipments, BATCHO Transport & Logistics offers you today to order all the equipment necessary for your shipments. You want to have your shipment delivered in the same condition as it was prepared . Just consult our instructions on how to properly pack your shipments and follow the different packaging guides step by step.

A complete range of packaging to meet all your needs: from the most basic to the most complex.

You will thus find answers for your medical or agro-food consignments at controlled temperatures, for wines and spirits, for textiles. A well prepared and well packaged shipment is to ensure it arrives in perfect condition at its destination. For more information on our packaging and the availability of our products, contact our BTL Customer Service.

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1. Padding
Choose padding with sufficient density and thickness to fill any empty space in your packaging.

2. Packing
Choose appropriate packaging large enough to contain enough cushioning material.

3. Sealing
Affix at least 3 self-adhesive strips (no canvas or masking tape) on the top and bottom of the packaging using method H.

4. Labeling
Affix the shipping label with the recipient's full address on the most visible part of the package (away from corners and folds)


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