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The BATCHO Transport & Logistics electronic proof of delivery allows you to obtain all the details relating to the delivery of your shipments as well as a copy of the recipient's signature, if available in digital format.

No need to contact Customer Service, now you can view, download, print or email your proofs of delivery, in letter or table format, all within one hour of delivery.

Some proof of delivery does not contain a signature?
It may happen that, for operational reasons, the signature could not be captured in digital format, so it will not appear on the ePOD. However, the document will mention the name of the signatory and the date and time of delivery. When an electronic signature is available, the link displayed on your shipment tracking will read "Obtain proof of delivery and signature".
What information is there?
When requesting multiple ePODs, you have the option of converting documents automatically to a table, by choosing the table option. This allows you to view all of your shipment information on a single page at a glance. Try it!
Do I have to accept the conditions relating to proof of delivery?
In order to guarantee that the information provided by BATCHO Transport & Logistics will be used exclusively for its primary purpose, namely to confirm the delivery of a shipment sent via BATCHO Transport & Logistics by you, for you or to you.

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